Canopy Tour 2009 – Memoirs


There is so much to write as so much has happened.


The objective was to do the complete Route 62 from Wellington to Kareedouw and then the Canopy Tour in the treetops of the Tsitsikamma forest. It took nine days to complete, from Saturday 25 April to Sunday 3 May


As kodaking while riding is a bit difficult if you don’t have a pillion to contract my memoirs and pics are more about the people and their experiences.


The group                                                                                       Pic 1


There was

-                     Sue, Abe & Tammlynn

-                     Johann Strauss & Marisabel

-                     Frik van Staden

-                     Elaine Barkhuizen

-                     Johan (me) & Trudie

-                     Janis Godwin

-                     Basie Pieterse & Antoinette (Backup)


The Backup                                                                                 Pic 2


This Scenic ‘kan gatskoonmaak’. We never lost them and they us neither. And then it was not only a back-up service but a splendid braaier and grocery transport and cooler carrier and , oh yes towing a bike trailer…


We prepared our own dinners where possible with our own cutlery and as Trudie says ‘forks & knives’ that was transported on the backup                   

Pic 3


Cross the pool


First night just past Kimberley at Riverside C&C. Everybody agreed that at the end of the evening before bedtime everybody will cross the pool. When time arrived nobody remembered. Only the following morning one volunteered and succeeded – Gemmerkat. But then any cat can walk the pole!                                                                                                                                       Pic 4


Dinner at Spur


We discussed during that evening and the following and the following that we don’t like the name ‘Roadies” and rather want to be referred to as the S’s;                                                                                                                   Pic 5


n      Strasse, straits & sweeps
- Safe speed
- Sex appeal
- Super bikes
- Serious country explorations

n      Spirited riding – A la Jamie!

n      Scared of dirt

Ons is vir enige fiets, of jy nou ‘n GS of ‘n scooter het        



Real Estate


There was a keen interest in buying real estate on the tour and two properties were well bought

-                     Janis once when she was too exhausted to remember to put out the side stand and

-                     Elaine bought a nice piece of land in Hopetown. Sy het nie geval nie, sommer net omgeval. But then, she will not be able to get any title deed for residential rights as it was in the middle of an intersection! We dressed the wound as best we could…Moenie te veel praat nie jy kan dalk ‘n teken kry,

§         Pic 6

Pic 7

Pic 7a




Sue came up with the idea to visit Sutherland en route from Beaufort West to Wellington. We had to leave at six the morning to fit in the extra +-250kms riding and the guided tour of the SALT, etc                                                 Pic 8

                                                                                                            Pic 9

                                                                                                            Pic 10


An extremely good idea Sue. You deserved a hug for this and got plenty.


Self made breakfast at Laiingsburg before Sutherland. On the trailer       Pic 11

or on the pavement.                                                                              Pic 12





We enjoyed a drink in old style at the Lord Milner where myself, Basie and the concierge treated the guests with an aria uit Nabucco van Verdi, of so iets en ander liedere. Frik het genoem ek kan maar my werk bedank en sang opneem as beroep, maar ek dink hy was net nice want ek is groter as hy.                                                                                                                                        Pic 13

                                                                                                            Pic 14



Oude Wellington


In Wellington we stayed over at a very old estate dating 1795. It really is class but with a classy rate too. It also seems that the older the place the more expensive the rate and the smaller the breakfast portions! Abe was eagerly looking for a Wimpy after breakfast.

                                                                                                            Pic 15


Kango Caves.


Nobody ventured for the chimney as you need to crawl through a space of about 350mm. They all blamed the lack of time. Shame!                                                                                                                                                 Pic 16



Ronnie’s Sex Shop.


What is it about a sex shop that you always wonder what happens inside and are too skaam to enter?


Well, this time nobody saw us when we turned off and the group photo was done in tense atmosphere. Some didn’t even want to appear on the picture and had to be threatened.

                                                                                                            Pic 17

Afterwards, when we left all was lekker opgewek/opgewerk on the stretch of road to Ladismith. The road was open, quiet and tempting…


We all tend to zero our GPS’s before a trip to record the route. Well I also did and arriving in town after a quite spirited ride which did feel a bit fast though, the GPS proof the facts.                                                                                    Pic 18

                                                                                                            Pic 19



Canopy Tour


What a flight, everybody enjoyed. Up to 30m in the air amongst the Treetops when mostly the ground cannot be seen. Wow.                                                                                                                                                               Pic 20

                                                                                                            Pic 21

                                                                                                            Pic 22

Movie clip 1

Movie clip 2



Protea Hotel


The rates were quite steep and duly adjusted

                                                                                                            Pic 23

                                                                                                            Pic 24

                                                                                                            Pic 25




Abe & Elaine did the Bloukrans bunji and Sue & Tammlynn the Zipline from the ravine edge to the middle of the bridge. Crazy!!                                                                                                                                                 Pic 26

                                                                                                            Pic 27

                                                                                                            Pic 28


Broeke uittrek


Some girls need assistance to get rid of their pants. I cannot remember if it was before or after Ronnie’s Sex Shop                                                                                                                                                                                 Pic 29




When you put together

-                     A total novice with not an hour’s training

-                     A 650 GS with a screen barely large enough to cover the instrument cluster

-                     A rear suspension that is adjusted open to completely flat

-                     A helmet that does not fit comfortable

-                     Speeds averaging 140km/h

-                     And a woman


Then you have a recipe for disaster!??

                                                                                                            Pic 30

                                                                                                            Pic 31

                                                                                                            Pic 32


Not likely. Janis kept up and improved her riding on daily basis. She knew there is no turning back. On the last day we realised her bike’s shocks need to be adjusted and afterwards she traversed the sweeps in much more confidence.


Janis, you have arrived!!